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Created in Minnesota by fishermen to improve your fishing experience, the PATENTED Northern Lights Rattle Reel is taking an ordinary rattle reel to the highest level. It offers everything a normal rattle reel can offer, but with many more features. Using UV LED technology, this reel will glow your hooks and, with our patented fluorescent acrylic design in combination with the UV lights, create an impressive neon glow illuminating your fish house in the dark. This will not only alert you visually but also audibly with an internal bell.

One of the best features of this product is that there is no more guess work as to which reel is getting the bite in the middle of the night! This also will put out enough light eliminating the need to turn on lights to tend your line while you were sleeping.

Operation: this device will run off of 12 volts DC. All reels include a portable battery pack but also offer you the option to wire directly to your 12 volt DC car/deep cycle battery.

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Northern Lights Rattle Reels
Northern Lights Rattle Reels
Northern Lights Rattle Reels
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